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IKEA Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)

Hello Adventures!!

For my birthday I organized a scavenger hunt for my friends. I chose IKEA because there are so many props and backgrounds you can work with and the food is cheap so everyone can afford it. One of my friends, Katherine, absolutely loves IKEA and I think she was the most excited for this than anyone.

The Breakdown


We were a group of five so we had one group of two and one group of three. Each group had to complete as much of the tasks as possible. Each task has a point value so whoever got the most points wins. If there is a tie then the tiebreaker is whichever group can get a selfie with an employee first wins. Some tasks required all group members to be in the picture for an extra challenge. The time limit was an hour and we had to meet at the cafe area, but if your group wasn’t there at the designated time then you were disqualified. We didn’t have any prizes for the winning group so maybe that could be something to add.

How’d it go?

Well, some of the tasks we were unable to do because IKEA no longer had those aspects or maybe they didn’t have it at the time. My group found some ways around these conundrums by getting a little creative. An hour and a half was way too long. I recommend around 45 minutes (this depends on how large your store location is). Overall my friends had fun and we have many pictures to look back at on. This is a great opportunity to make a scrapbook of or a slide show of your adventures.

Here’s an album of our adventure:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click on the image below to print out a copy of the IKEA Scavenger Hunt:


*Inspiration and ideas came from these three websites:


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